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Fantasy Roleplay

As stated in my previous review, I came back just to see Bunny because she is well worth it. She allowed me to mark a fantasy of my list. I have always wanted to be just a "good ol' boy" truckdriver. She allowed me to fulfill this fantasy and carry it out over two visits. It was so much fun and very intense if you know what I mean. Thank you Bunny for going along with this strange fantasy! I can scratch this one of my bucket list. You are truly a dream come true.


Great Time

I stopped in for my first time and was astonished by the all the ladies. Then I met Bunny, we hung out for awhile. She made it well worth the trip! She is down to earth and a true pleasure to spend time with. Trust me guys..... Come see her! I'm definitely going back!


Great night

She made me feel comfortable from the beginning. Nice, friendly and fun. If I ever get back here I will definitely stop and see her again. Had a blast.

Gary Selder

Just what I needed.

I met with Audrey and had a great time. Wasn't sure what to expect but it really was what I was looking for. Thanks Audrey!

John doe

Sweet dreams

Definitely left me wanting more. She is a very nice girl!

Carl Blade

First time

The facility is amazing! The staff and ladies are very friendly. Miss Torrey was an amazing young lady to get accustomed to the experience! Thank you so much, Torrey!! Highly recommend this beautiful lady! Thank you for a very educational evening.

Kevin Wo

Do not miss out

Torrey gave me the most intimate and enjoyable experience of my entire life. She is charming, sensual, calming, and exceptionally talented.

I had some requests because I have performance issues and she catered to me extremely well. She clearly knew what she was doing.

Partying with Torrey was by far the best sexual experience I have had in my entire life. I would highly recommend you party with her if you get the opportunity. I know I will be returning next time our schedules line up.

Collin Smith

Marylin is Special

I’ve never enjoyed a night as much as I did with Marylin. She has a passion for life that absolutely defines her and shows through in everything she says and does. I admit, I was completely spellbound from the first minute of meeting her. There’s a true genuineness and honesty about her that’s rare to see. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of my long evening spent in her company. I look forward to seeing her again!

Aaron Johnson

Thank you Paige

I want to say, this was my very 1st experience at 53 years old, and it was absolutely wonderful. I was a little nervous, and didn't know what to expect. Instantly the ladies made me right at home, and there was a beautiful bar with an amazing bartender to take the edge off. And Paige, what can I say about her, other then a truly amazing person. I enjoyed my time there, and they are all friendly. I would visit there again, without question. Very clean, and you even get a shower with coconut-smelling soap. 5 stars from me. Thank you very much for the pleasant experience. Paige, thank you very much sweetie. Not at all what I expected. I look forward to being there again , surrounded by such beautiful ladies. I felt very welcome there.

Kenneth MrClassey

What a Ride!

I came so fast.....not even a chance to edge...ended with a golden shower. Yum yum in my tum.


Swear to god man!!! All that for reals doe

Seriously, she's a gobbler's cobbler, a purebred boss head, long neck erect to the dick deck, left my balls drained and ship wrecked. Made my limp penis hit the deck, much respect! I showed up and offered her a quick, hot 10 bucks and she was down for that action. She wanted all the smoke... This angel soared to her knees like an elegant woman of wholesome inhabitants that dwell at the dick-to-mouth level. Tongues whipped my head and rang in a new year, new level new tier, new slut new peers. She straddled her oral captain's seat, slowly and strongly building attention to an unexpected suck start. The blowjob machine was revving up, stroked the pipe, tugged the sack, licked the taint and ass!! The tallest and smallest girl ever, I slide past her tonsils, she embedded me, and let me marinate in her esophagus, the natural shut-the-front-door euphoria... I was about to unload the groceries, but she pulled me from her mother's home-trained throat sheath. She moved fast with no rush and miraculously was able to slow time. She slurped my tip and flung me into the matrix. I was the one. She doesn't look like it but she was my leading morphological Morpheus. She gulped and burped which led to her tiny hands which made my 4 inches seem like 11. I put it on my snap story as I exploded into molecules of matter and left this review still lifeless... Thanks babe.

John Rot

A satisfied man

Saki, you were great. I truly enjoyed our time together.

Dale Wright


Amazing kisser! Amazingly sweet and equally professional in every way. Amazingly intelligent and engaging conversationalist. Amazingly fit, sexy and fun!!! Unforgettable person and experience.

John Bowers


Rhiannon is an absolute beauty. I've seen her before and I'm in Love. We share a connection and I for one enjoy her company. I ended up staying way longer than I expected, so we partied more than once. We did a two girl with Lexi, omg just wow. Rhiannon can be cute and adorable and then transforms into a sex god!! I honesty can't get enough of her. I hope her experience with me was just as satisfying and enjoyable for her as it was for me. Hope I see you again soon gorgeous 😍


Out of this world experience

I spent a long time with Paige after seeing her tweet if someone can moan her could not resist her stop by had a good time with her and BOY she did moan a lot was a great experience

Bret hogan

Hot fire cracker

Very beautiful girl. I went in for a drink and to check the establishment out. Not necessarily wanting a session. Anyways sat at the bar and Rhiannon came out and I bought her a drink. I'm not a very talkative person so she did most of the talking haha. I'd been here before so I didn't need a tour but checked out her room and her menu. Well I couldn't help my self. Great sex twice. Great experience with her. Very friendly and definitely into her music. The sex was fantastic. Definitely would love to see her again.


Oh what a feeling

Anna was so sexual, I was so excited and she helped me enjoy all of our time together. If you want the hottest girl next door, Anna is your girl.

Tony Z

Best experience ever

You were super polite and sweet and adorable not to mention how amazing you were and how good you made me feel


10 out of 10

She's very easy to talk to, great at saying what's on and off limits. When you decide on what you want to pay for, she's a pro at it.


Great Time with Bunny

Met Bunny after a lineup. Had a great experience. Bunny is fun, sexy, and hot. Enjoyed my encounter very much, will see her again soon.


This girl is awesome.

What a great conversation with her and what a nice body! I suggest hitting her up at any cost.

Christopher Thomasson

Amazing and fun!

Naomi was fun and funny, and she did a great job of making me feel comfortable. I enjoyed my time to the fullest, and can't recommend her enough!


Much Needed Experience

Physically and sexually it was very nice to have that release and basic human function covered. But, this experience provided more than that. I felt a sort of spiritual awakening and emotional catharsis. Partially from the pent up hormones and stress building up the last few years. But, also as more of a wake-up call. Lachance is a lovey human being and overall good person. I related with her on a lot of philosophical concepts through our conversations. She offers good advice and makes me feel more human. It’s weird to think, but not a lot of people do that. She made me feel validated, in that I should be more confident, take pride in my awkwardness, and be the person I want to be. I’ve found myself wearing a sort of grumpy and stressed out facade. I like the person I used to be more. I was happier and more good-hearted, without so much anger and hatred in my heart. I also seemed to enjoy the small things more and be a more inviting person. I want to go back to that. But anyway, she’s an excellent person to talk to and create an emotional connection with. Obviously, very talented sexually and with a lovely body. She said she was chubby when we were in the shower, but I disagree. Even if she was chubby, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, I disagree with her characterization overall. Anyway, it was a very enjoyable experience and she’s a very comforting and inspiring person. I’ve been on an extended serotonin high, so if you want to have the same sort of spiritually orgasmic sensation I did, I’d recommend her in a heartbeat. You can’t miss her personality. And for me, I feel inspired to turn my life back around and be who I want to be. Maybe this was personal and too much for a review lol Well, if you’re reading this, you can tell it’s genuine. And maybe you’ll want the same catharsis as me.

Kyle Licht

Prior to going here I had never been with a women or in a brothel. From when I called to when I arrived the staff were inviting, and over all amazing. I had the pleasure and honor of working with Rhiannon, a real sweetheart and very knowledgeable in what she does, I learned a lot from her. I will definitely be going back in the near future.

Word of advice to first timers: if you're thinking about going but are unsure just go already. All I ask is please be respectful to the women and staff they are human beings and should be treated with respect and dignity. I say this because I saw a older guy in there being disrespectful to the women and I can’t tolerate behavior like this, but that’s how I was raised.

Vinny B.

Bang for your buck

I truly enjoyed the evening with Torrey! She showed me around, told me about the business and the way things are ran here. I love this place and her hospitality. She was, is, and will always be the one i come to see.

Big Daddy Scoots

Come see Cleo Clementine here, very warm and friendly, fulfilled my education. Make sure you have an appointment, you don’t wanna come here and not visit your dream girl. Email to make appointment. Their email address are on their website. Ring the bell to enter door.

Tianyou L.

Smoking hot quickie while my friends shopped for Area 51 merch

Amazing. I came in the brothel and met Jade. Told her I didn’t have much time as my family was next door shopping for souvineers. We agreed on a price. She inspected my dick then gave me the best five minute blowjob I’ve ever had…she then laid on her back and opened her legs for me…she was so tight. Wet. Amazing. Her fuck faces are something to be admired. She drained me quickly and completely. Easily one of the best Lays of my life.

Tom Quickie

Great experience!

I went to the cathouse and selected a gorgeous princess named Jade and was glad I did! She was a ton of fun!

Mark Sturdivant

Saw her again

We had a 2 hour party and my mind was blown. Best ever. Call me crazy, but will be back for thirds. Rhiannon is a superstar!


Life after Death

5/5. I imagine I would've enjoyed the other girls as well; my mind ponders at what could've been. I can now list myself as a learned student of the dark arts of navigating the physical domain of a woman's pleasure center. I have also learned that I have much to learn regarding that exact pleasure. Her openness and communication is superb, definitely an experience.

Mark S S

Best GFE EVer

Jade is not only gorgeous but she makes the GFE truly special. She took the time to get to know more about me and for me to know her. After getting to know each other it made the sex so much more fun and enjoyable. One time with Jade and you will be wanting to see her again.

John Sansone

Audrey made me feel completely at ease.

I ain't never done nothin' like this before, but Audrey made me feel completely at ease.

John Doe

Anastasia was a doll and very polite during our tour, we are definitely returning for another visit when we move! There was also a full bar and free pool table.


Great time

It was a great time I had with you today, although all we did was talk.

Bobby Kirker


My experience with Sheena was awesome. She is very fun to be with. You have to go see her. She is very hot. Her pictures are wonderful but when I met her, I was blown away by how gorgeous she is. She’s lots of fun and really cared about me and my needs. I will be spending much more time with her in the future.


Out of this world

I had the pleasure of meeting with Torrey Lisa, and to say it was amazing would still be an understatement. Amazingly out of this world is more like it! Being with her was like having a good dream, the only difference being it is real. Torrey is wonderful, honest, and very attentive. You will enjoy every minute and will never go wrong with her!


Romping with Rhiannon

In addition to her beautiful face and rocking body, I enjoyed talking to her in depth about several topics. She is very smart and has a different world view and is adept at conversing about them.


This was my first time visiting a brothel and Brooklyn showed me such a good time that it definitely won't be the last.

Boblow J.

Thank You Scarlett

It was beyond what I had imagined. She is definitely one drop-dead gorgeous woman and she made me more comfortable than I could have thought possible. Hopefully on my way back home, I can stop and see her again. Best personality, best everything really! I'm glad I stopped by, thank you for the best first experience ever.

Justin B.

I felt like an old man driving there, but...

I drove home feeling 20 years younger; thanks Audrey! 🙂

John Doe

Beautiful and talented

Spent some very enjoyable alone time with Rhiannon and it was great. She is so beautiful, she puts you at ease and her passion is real. I will come back to see her!


Stopped by to have some cold beer, GIRLS are hot and i had one


Hot babe

Anna is a smoke show, get her if you can. She was so sexual, made me feel so comfortable.


Way better than going to night clubs in Las Vegas. I was in Vegas surfing on Internet and I saw this Alien Cathouse website and I am glad I did. 1 hour drive, but it was worth it. The girls are beautiful, had couple of beers, and spent some real good time with Courtney, had fun and for sure I will be back again to Alien Cathouse when I come to Vegas to have quality adult entertainment. Hope to see you soon again Courtney!

John E.

A threesome to remember

Truly magical! I was clear in what I wanted to do with her and my husband and she made me feel welcomed, wanted, sexy and I was her priority. My husband thoroughly enjoyed his experience 😜 as well!! I would highly recommend Dolly, from her soft lips and beautiful pussy to her ability to make me cum was top notch. Xoxox A


Beyond expectations

Treat her well and she’ll go above and beyond to satisfy your carnal desires.


Wonderful time

We had the pleasure of seeing Mars Selene. We also chose to spend the night in one of bungalows. We had a great time Mars! She was polite, pretty, and sensual. Wonderful experience for the wife and I.

William Wachtveitl and Tina Benton

Amazing and professional

After a loss in my life I needed a stress reliever so I went on a road trip and I ended up at the cathouse. After a self deliberation session I decided I was going in. When the girls were called out, I saw Dolly and was amazed. I had been looking at the website and actually had someone else in mind but she was mesmerizing. She interacted with me to the point that I’m sharing my life story with her and and I felt as if we’ve been friends for years. I’ll definitely be a return customer.

Matthew Wade

Great Time

I loved watching my wife with you! Spiced things up for us! She loved hanging out.

J Randall

My Goodness

This is an experience you won’t be disappointed taking. Torrey is an amazing and beautiful woman that wants to and will please. The skills will leave you drained but wanting more.


2 girl party

Had an amazing time and look forward to a possible second visit. Highly recommend!


A phenomenal place to party with beautiful and sophisticated women. I highly recommend coming here if you are ever in the Las Vegas area .

Wal S.

I had never been to that type of establishment. I was very apprehensive since it was my first time until I was introduced to Dolly. How would I describe her? Funny, artistic, sardonic, warm, easy to talk to, intelligent, extremely sensual, well read and has a very warm personality. I had the best time I have had in a very very long time. There was no pressure at all. Dolly made the whole experience something that I needed. She is very gifted in the arts. That’s all I will say. She rocks! Next time you're in the area, ask for Dolly. You will be glad you did.



What an amazing experience with Wynne! She has a great personality and a amazing smile. We had an amazing date that was GFE from beginning to the end. Sure glad we got to share this experience together.


Marylin's a Winner!

Marylin’s a winner and I had a great time with her. It was easy to be natural with her and the time we spent together went by far too quickly. She’s sexy, happy, energetic, easy to talk to and most of all fun. And as a bonus, she gives great hugs; a win-win all the way around.

Russ Gartz


Recently partied with Lacey and Celeste. First of all let me say they both are knock out gorgeous and the pictures on the website don’t do them justice -- you have to see them in person . We first spent time at the bar getting to know each other where they made me feel very relaxed. The negotiation part was easy. Now for the best part… these 2 women seemed to know each other’s moves as things heated up and I must say it was everything I expected and more…they definitely fulfilled my every fantasy and more. I am looking forward to more encounters with these 2 in the future and highly recommend both ladies.


Amazing Performer

Wynne has an alluring personality and an absolutely stunning body. She has a strong sense of self and knows how to please with confidence. I highly recommend spending time with her.



It was like the world shifted and fell away.

S. Twitly

Wynne was the best. I'm pleased she put up with me. I had a really good time with her.

Twucker Munch

Fantastic experience!

Sheena is gorgeous, down-to-earth, and so much fun! She has a relaxed and welcoming demeanor, a great smile (and body), and is interactive and talented. I had an awesome time, and I couldn’t recommend her more!


Nice place and bar in the middle of nowhere, I am a frequent traveler between Reno and Las Vegas and this is the first time I noticed this bar. Glad I stopped by, had a good time and girls were nice and bartender was customer oriented. Had good time with a girl, her name was Dream.

Marc R.

Out of this world GFE

If you ever want to have the out of this world GFE, please go meet Jade. Once was not enough for me, so I went back for more. She is sweet, stunningly beautiful, and makes you feel at ease right away. The sex (and everything leading up to it) exceeded my expectations in every way, shape, and form. Being a local, do not waste your time going "over the hump" to Pahrump. Any woman you would want is an hour away!!!!!!

Chris S

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