June 16

How-To Successfully Create the Girlfriend Experience at Alien Cathouse


You of course have to enjoy sex and intimacy as a hired Cosmic Kitten here at our exclusive Las Vegas, Nevada brothel. But, do you have what it takes to give our visitors the kind of ‘girlfriend experience’ that so many of them crave?

Tips on Providing the ‘Girlfriend Experience’ at Our Nevada Brothel

Remember, both men and women enjoy our services here. So, if you are someone who communicates well with a good mix of sensuality, then you would be a great fit to work as one of our lovely Cosmic Kittens!

Providing what we refer to as the ‘girlfriend experience’ requires you to be mindful of the fact that many of our patrons (some repeat customers, some new faces) are, of course, physically attracted to you, but are also many times in need of a kind of ‘special attention’ that they are not getting at home.

It is important that you know that intimacy, according to Psych Central, has four parts to it. They are (1) physical intimacy, (2) emotional intimacy, (3) intellectual intimacy, and (4) spiritual closeness (Psych Central, 2023).

So what does all that mean? Well, the physical part is the simplest in most instances, being that the right communication will render a wonderfully-pleasurable sexual experience!

But, being emotionally connected means to know how to listen and respond well during “pillow talk” or casual sessions, and being smart (or intellectually intimate with your clients) may even lead you into talking about your careers, spirituality, your past, and about life in general.

Be Physically, Emotionally, and Intellectually Intimate To Create the ‘Girlfriend Experience’ As a Cosmic Kitten

Being mindful of these things will render you repeat visitors at our premier Las Vegas brothel. Interested in becoming a Cosmic Kitten? If so, contact us today at Alien Cathouse! You can reach us online or at (775) 372-5678.


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