February 21

Be a Featured Cosmic Kitten Shortly After Being Hired At Our Nevada Brothel!

The name of our Nevada brothel is based on our location, of course. And, if you are interested in working here, check out the fun story of how our Cosmic Kitten Prostitutes made their way to Earth from the planet Venus 69!

How Will My Feature Page Look at Your Nevada Brothel’s Website? 

A repeated question that inquiring party girls ask when they initially get here is how they can be featured, and how they will look online once they are. To answer this question, let’s examine a current featured party girl’s page, the lovely Blue Monday

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at the main Cosmic Kitten page is a section that announces whether or not a party girl is presently here, with a pink tab in front of their picture that reads “Here Now!”.

One of the biggest perks of this job is that you can work flexibly, with needed time away whenever you feel it is necessary. When you click on Blue Monday’s page, you’ll immediately see her secret photos, and it’ll be the same for you when you are featured!

When you scroll down, you’ll see her About Section that includes her interests, hobbies, etc. This is what your clients will likely start conversations about when you meet with them, so take some time before you are hired to list things that you truly love doing in your spare time…or just for fun!

Contact Us Today At Alien Cathouse With Hiring Inquiries!

Your vital stats (age, height, weight, bust size, sexual preference, etc.), and your specialties will also be on your page, and we can’t wait to hear from you about working at our fun Nevada brothel. Feel free to contact us today at Alien Cathouse, and you could very likely soon become our next featured Cosmic Kitten!


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