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Curvy, cute, cuddly, and kinky!

Hello, and welcome!

I’m so happy you’ve made it to my profile. My quirky personality, unmentionable talents, and uncommon tastes ensure that my companionship is a great choice for any person, from the nervous first-timer, to the most confident hedonist.

Want to get to know me a little? The best way to do that is over a drink, but in lieu of that, you can read a little about me right here.

As a native Portlander, it's almost as if I was required to be an artist or they'd kick me out. So I picked up painting. I have various other hobbies, none I enjoy quite as much as curling up with my cat and some tea with a good book. I collect perfume, rocks (mostly semi-precious mineral specimens), Barbie dolls, small turtles, and tiny glass figurines.

My favorite service to provide is the Girlfriend Experience; I also have quite a bit of BDSM experience as a submissive, and a bit of experience as a Dominant. A bonus from being a member of the fetish community in Portland, Oregon, is that you probably can’t surprise me with a fetish. In fact, I encourage you to try! I am also ALWAYS available for Duo appointments with other Cosmic Kittens. (Again, being from Portland, being queer is pretty much a requirement!) The best way to get to know my full range of offerings is to come visit with me and have a conversation about what you’re looking for.

I practice the mystic arts and offer free tarot readings to begin any 2-hour+ appointment. This is, of course, optional. In my room, you’ll find a small menagerie of crystals, herbs, and tools of my practice; just like with beautiful women, looking is always welcome, but one should always ask before touching. 😉

By the way, I am trained in transfer services and I know my way around a wheelchair, so I am very skilled at providing services to disabled members of our community. I am able to accommodate any disability, physical or mental. (Disabled clients should be sure to call ahead and let us know what sort of accommodations you will need.)

Thank you so much for stopping by my profile; be sure to check out some of the other lovely ladies before departing our website. Au revoir!

Lexa Lachance's Vital Stats

Age: mid-20s
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 130
Bust: 36C
Bisexual: Yes
Kiss/GFE (Girl Friend Experience): Yes

My Fetishes

  • Roleplay
  • Bondage
  • Power Exchange
  • Impact Play
  • Sensory Play
  • Butt Stuff
  • Edging
  • ANR

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Much Needed Experience

Physically and sexually it was very nice to have that release and basic human function covered. But, this experience provided more than that. I felt a sort of spiritual awakening and emotional catharsis. Partially from the pent up hormones and stress building up the last few years. But, also as more of a wake-up call. Lachance is a lovey human being and overall good person. I related with her on a lot of philosophical concepts through our conversations. She offers good advice and makes me feel more human. It’s weird to think, but not a lot of people do that. She made me feel validated, in that I should be more confident, take pride in my awkwardness, and be the person I want to be. I’ve found myself wearing a sort of grumpy and stressed out facade. I like the person I used to be more. I was happier and more good-hearted, without so much anger and hatred in my heart. I also seemed to enjoy the small things more and be a more inviting person. I want to go back to that. But anyway, she’s an excellent person to talk to and create an emotional connection with. Obviously, very talented sexually and with a lovely body. She said she was chubby when we were in the shower, but I disagree. Even if she was chubby, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, I disagree with her characterization overall. Anyway, it was a very enjoyable experience and she’s a very comforting and inspiring person. I’ve been on an extended serotonin high, so if you want to have the same sort of spiritually orgasmic sensation I did, I’d recommend her in a heartbeat. You can’t miss her personality. And for me, I feel inspired to turn my life back around and be who I want to be. Maybe this was personal and too much for a review lol Well, if you’re reading this, you can tell it’s genuine. And maybe you’ll want the same catharsis as me.

Kyle Licht

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