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Opulent Kitschy Healer

A virtuoso with the old soul of a hopeless romantic…

I’m an artist, kitsch connoisseur, monster maker, a sage, and sexual poet. The inviting energy that brings you comfort and excitement all in one. The personality that ceases to take themselves seriously, creating the environment of understanding and attentiveness. The release you seek when indulging yourself in a little slice of your very own custom heaven. I am that very energy that embodies heavenly and earthly delights to your fingertips. Soft and warm. The seductive welcome charged with the sensual vibrations of your carnal desires.

As a true lover of romance, I have acquired a deep passion for cinema and art. A multimedia artist myself, I love to use my hands and know how to use them well in more ways than one. We can create our own erotic display in each other’s company and even welcome another beautiful muse to join us. As a true empath and intuitive reader of mind, body and soul; I am very keen on creating a safe, trusting and understanding environment. Energy and Spirit is my aim for our unforgettable connection. I thrive to greatly understand everyone differs in what their heart and soul may need.

It is my greatest pleasure to take you by the hand and help you open up and communicate everything and anything you need and expect out of our intimate experience together. Let us indulge and devour one another’s energy and mind over dinner dates, drinks, or any other fine outing. I always find my greatest pleasure in amazing food, mild drinks, great music, cinema, and the arts.


Dolly Hart

Dolly Hart's Vital Stats

Age: 29

Height: 5'0"
Weight: 105
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye color: Lasers
Body Type: 30C
Ethnicity: Magickal

Bisexual: Yes

Kiss/GFE: Yes
Kink & Fetish friendly, couples welcome, LGBTQIA as well as BIPOC ally & member

My Fetishes:

Too many to list! Just inquire and see for yourself!

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