November 12

How to Be a Great Cosmic Kitten at Our Nevada Brothel


This may seem like sort of an obvious statement, but in order to make a good cosmic kitten at our premiere Nevada brothel you have to have a genuine enjoyment of intimacy. Yes, that actually has to be said, because you wouldn’t believe how many ladies think about pursuing a career in legal prostitution who don’t truly have intensified good feelings about the pleasures of sex!

Good Qualities to Have as a Cosmic Kitten

It helps if you are the type of woman who has good people skills. Yes, we know…there will be mostly flirting and pleasing tactics going on when you are with a visitor. And, what each one enjoys the most will vary from client to client. 

But, overall, having a good intuitive feeling for what a man wants will make you a lot of good money at our Nevada brothel, and very possibly get you many ongoing, repeat clients!

If you are the type of woman who is not only easy on the eyes, but who is also a good conversationalist, then there may be a spot for you here as one of our lovely Cosmic Kittens. This is because not only do our visitors like a woman who is physically attractive, but one who is socially enticing.

Also, don’t think that just because you are not from the State of Nevada that you can’t become one of our lovely Cosmic Kittens! In fact, many of our past kittens actually like the fact that we are far away from their hometowns, because they enjoy being discreet.

Apply to Work as a Cosmic Kitten in Our Nevada Brothel

If you feel you have what it takes to be the next hired Cosmic Kitten, then don’t hesitate to contact us here at Alien Cathouse! We can be easily reached online or by calling 775.372.5678.


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