April 26

Enjoy Complete Online Privacy as a Hired Cosmic Kitten at Our Las Vegas Brothel!

One of the things that women always ask who are considering being hired to one of our fun Cosmic Kitten positions is whether will they have any kind of discreteness or privacy as a legal sex worker here at Alien Cathouse. And, the answer is yes, you have complete control of how seen or noticeable you are online as our employee. Learn more about your privacy online at our Las Vegas brothel.

How Much Privacy (Online) Will I Have After Being Hired at Your Las Vegas Brothel?

As we mentioned in a previous article here on our Alien Cathouse blog, you will be provided a profile page when you become a Cosmic Kitten at our Las Vegas brothel to show off your best qualities, whether it’s a special thing you do to make the “girlfriend experience” here at Alien Cathouse that much more fun for our many patrons, or if you want to highlight your best features with sexy pictures that turn heads online!

Still, even with all this choice of extra exposure, you still have the option to be as discreet as you want to be as a Cosmin Kitten at our brothel. Not only do we make the entire experience private for our visiting patrons (with a private limousine and commute here), but we do the same for you as well!

For instance, you may not want a whole lot of people from your hometown all in your business as a worker here, and we always keep that in mind. In fact, you don’t even have to show your face on the website, and we can blur it out upon your request with no questions asked. 

Feel Free to Apply to Be Our Newest Cosmic Kitten at Alien Cathouse!

We look forward to getting your application to work here at our sexy and fun Las Vegas Nevada brothel, Alien Cathouse. Contact us today to set up your interview!


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