October 18

After Being Hired at Your Nevada Brothel, How Do I Become the “Cosmic Kitten of the Month”?


All of our ladies at our exclusive Nevada brothel are special to us, and one will be chosen every thirty days as the “Cosmic Kitten of the Month”. Will you be the next hired lady who receives this coveted spotlight?

Now Hiring Future Cosmic Kittens of the Month

Most of our ladies find that being authentic with their clients makes all the difference. So, basically, if you simply enjoy yourself, and be yourself, the chances of you making Kitten of the Month are good.

Our future visitors have, nine times out of ten, already visited the website to our unique Nevada brothel, and have browsed through the many pictures of our lovely Cosmic Kittens. And, as you scroll down the list of our appealing party girls, you will notice the listing that is labeled the Cosmic Kitten of the Month.

So, how do you become that special employee? Well, there are a lot of deciding factors. But mainly, they revolve around your original attitude and personality.

Whichever lovely lady is picked to be our Cosmic Kitten of the Month, she was chosen because she has a certain special energy that she brings with her every day to work. To put it in the words of many of our previous patrons, our Kitten of the Month is always described with words such as “lively”, “open”, “spontaneous”, and/or “adventurous”.

When you do make Kitten of the Month, you will have your own page that will start out with a nice introduction about you. That page will also have your vital stats, your specialties (such as couples, role play etc), and a direct link for any interested gentleman (or lady if that’s what you’re into) to easily contact you at our Nevada brothel.

Would You Like to Work At Our Nevada Brothel as a Cosmic Kitten?

When you work consistently and become the Cosmic Kitten of the Month, you can also place about a dozen eye-catching pictures of yourself there for your many future clients to see!
To apply for our current open positions, click here.


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