December 17

What Makes a Brothel Safe and Legal?


At Alien Cathouse, we strive for our visitors and prostitutes to experience erotic pleasure in a one-of-a-kind sex palace. In doing so, we keep our mind-blowing brothel safe and legal. Safe brothels have many benefits for visitors and our prostitutes. As a visitor, you may be wondering what a “safe” brothel actually means. Continue reading to learn more.

In many parts of the United States, prostitution is illegal. The reasons come down to politics which in turn makes illegal prostitution dangerous. Nevada legalized prostitution in 1971. This has made Nevada brothels, such as Alien Cathouse safe and legal. Safe brothels are heavily regulated for the benefits of both the prostitutes and visitors.

Qualifications to be a Safe and Legal Brothel

To be a safe prostitute in Nevada, prostitutes must pass a variety of health and background tests. This includes

  • Weekly tests for HIV/AIDS
  • Weekly tests for sexually transmitted diseases
  • FBI background test

Alien Cathouse caters to cater to all types of erotic engagements, from the romantic Girlfriend Experience to all styles of fetishes and sexual deviances, including BDSM in a safe and legal environment. Visit our brothel in Las Vegas, Nevada for ultimate pleasure.


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