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Holly Parker




Hello, everyone! My name is Holly Parker and I’m a post-op male to female trans woman... Which means that I now have a vagina : ) If that isn't your thing, that’s totally okay! You don’t have to read any further. But, if you’re curious and have any further questions, please feel free to ask. I'm truly an open book.


You might recognize me from my successful career as a trans porn starlet. I have a solid following of loyal fans, and must admit that I adore their attention! I'm a girl who understands what men want, both in presentation and application. If I'm on your arm, I guarantee that all eyes will be on us. I take pride in my appearance and you wouldn't catch me dead in sweatpants or without makeup. Unless you're into that look, in which case I could be talked into going casual :) You're not just dealing with "The Perfect 10", boys. I've surpassed that and have been referred to as "The Perfect 12"!


I was born and raised in an affluent town called Gig Harbor. I'm the heiress to a coffee corporation and am extremely close to my loving family. Animals bring me so much joy, and I love nothing more than cuddling pets. I’ve had my American Staffordshire Terrier (Jingo) for 5 years. We even have the same birthday!


Let’s get to know each other...I look forward to planning an unforgettable experience with you! Follow me on Twitter @thehollyparker - I personally maintain all of my social media accounts and enjoy making new friends :)



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